Monday, November 16, 2009

Doesn't Gracie finally deserve some happiness during her final years

Gracie had been acting listless for the last week or so, which prompted a visit to the vet on Friday. And the discovery that Gracie is suffering from diabetes. One more rotten blow in a life that has been less than ideal.

Gracie has spent her whole life leary and fearful of humans. Only in the last few months has she come to appreciate and enjoy a tender touch from a human. She's amazed me in her progress and how enthusiastically she's come to enjoy a head rub. Her loud, content purring has warmed my heart. It is so gratifying to see her happy. Given her new zest for human companionship, I was feeling encouraged that she would soon find a forever home to enjoy her golden years.

So it is particularly heartbreaking to see her options suddenly narrow. In a perfect world, Gracie's condition would not be so dire - with one or two injections of insulin a day, her health should rebound and she should live to enjoy a good handful of years. Insulin is not expensive (less than $1 per day) and injections are easy to give.

However, Gracie has been living the last two months in a boarding facility - very nice and cosy with lots of human interaction but unfortunately, not staffed enough to insure regular injections. I so wish that I could care for her but in a little over a month, I will be unavailable.

I am hoping and praying that in the next few weeks, Gracie finally gets a little bit of good luck and I find some kind soul who will give her the home she so much needs - one where she will be able to get the TLC she so deserves and the medical care she so much needs. Failing that, I'm hoping to find someone willing to foster her at least until the end of February.

Please help Gracie by spreading the word about her. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gracie Loves Her Pets!

Gracie is no longer slinking away when I enter her room. Occasionally, she still hisses at me but a second later, she's lowered her head, her signal to me that she's looking for some pets on the head.

She isn't rubbing her body against me like her brother, the outgoing Georgie does. But she will walk back and forth in front of me, rubbing against the edge of the cabinet, purring and inviting me to pet her.

She and Georgie love feline greenie treats and I had been using these to lure her out but now she'll come for pets even when I don't have greenies to dispense.

I"m so impressed with how bold and more social she has become with really not too much effort on my part.

She has such a pretty face and such a soft, happy look while I pet her head, which she loves!

Friday, September 25, 2009

COME MEET GEORGIE MON 9/28, 6-8pm in DC!


When: September 28 from 6pm – 8pm

Where: at PetMAC Laundromutt, 1722 Florida Ave NW Washington, DC 20009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gracie Getting Bolder!

Yesterday was a milestone for Gracie. At first, every time I entered the bathroom, Gracie moved behind the toilet out of reach. A few days ago, she stayed put when I entered the bathroom for a few minutes but then moved to her "safe" spot and I had to coax her to me with greenies (treats) before she let me pet her.

Yesterday tho, Gracie did not slink away. Instead she stayed put and allowed me to pet her for several minutes. Now when I enter, sometimes she lets me pet her, sometimes she slinks away. But I expect that in a week or so more, she'll be letting me pet her more and more and slinking away less and less. She definitely enjoys getting head and butt rubs and she's slowly starting to believe that I'm more likely to give these to her than to do some nasty thing like put her in the crate or give her a bath! LOL!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Georgie and Gracie Await A Change of Venue

Gracie and Georgie are still hoping to find a foster home or a permanent home. Both are living in my small bathroom for now as we search, which is only a short term option.

Georgie: Is it my imagination or does Georgie seem more relaxed now that Vixen has found a home with Lauren? Georgie has always been an outgoing cat. He's alway been eager to greet people and always interested in rubbing himself against you and requesting pets. In fact, if pets are not forthcoming, he's been willing to be direct in filling you in with what he wants by gently nudging your hand with a paw - ey, come on, pet me - can't you see that I need some pets?"

But he also sometimes gets overstimulated and when he does, he gives you an evil eye and then you know that a swat might be coming. Or if you groom him where he doesn't like it, he is sure to let you know that you've annoyed him with a swat.

But since Vixen has gone, he seems to be more tolerant of me. I'm getting less evil eyes and hardly a swat since Vixen has gone. hummm.... I've always liked Georgie - he has such a big personality and is generally good tempered. I like him even more now that he seems happier and more relaxed.

Gracie: She is making good progress. Perhaps she's finally forgiven me for dragging her into the cat carrier to strange places and bathing her not once but twice. She rarely hisses at me now and the last two days, she's been purring and rubbing away as I pet her. Today, for the first time, she came to me for pets. She changed her mind after a few minutes but I am still so impressed by how much more social she has become in just a couple of weeks. She is so sweet and now that she's getting over her shyness with me, her lovely personality is coming out.

Please consider fostering or adopting Georgie or Gracie. They can go to a home together or separately.

Update on Nany - in her foster home

Nany is a beautiful grey long hair and mom to Gracie, Delilah, Henry and Georgie. She is very sweet cat but very shy. Nany went to live in her foster home with Annie and Markus about two weeks ago. We are hoping that Nany will become more confident and trusting of people and she seems to be making slow but sure progress.

For the first few days, Annie only knew that their was a cat in herbathroom because the food was eaten and the litter used. Then, Nany would stay out for a few minutes before ducking under the cabinet. Now, she stills feels most comfortable under the cabinet but she is allowing Annie and Markus to pet her and she is purring when they do. She also is beginning to venture out into the rest of the apartment a few feet to explore.

Nany is hoping to find a permanent home soon. She really has so much potential - she is one of the most docile, sweetest cats around. She just needs someone with a little patience and TLC.

And Then There Were Three

Now Delilah, Vixen and Henry have found new homes. We are so grateful to Kat, Janet and Lauren who have adopted these sweet cats and to Lori of PetMAC DC ( who has worked so hard to help Bebe's cats find foster and adoptive homes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vixen Settles In

Vixen seems to be settling into her new home quite nicely. She went to live with Lauren on Tues and spent her first day in the bathroom, getting used to her new digs. She was a little tentative about the move and about Lauren tho she has a hard time resisting a nice pet, especially from someone also offering yummy feline greenies.

The second day, Vixen got to explore the bedroom and it hasn't taken Vixen long to decide that the best place to nap at night is with Lauren at the foot of the bed.

Day 3 and Vixen now has full range of the apartment. How does Vixen feel about a home with NO OTHER CATS? She seems to think it is just fine - more food and most important, more pets for her. Vixen was never big on sharing. She enjoys spending a cozy evening watching TV, lounging on Lauren's lap and luxuriating in the pets. Vixen seems quite pleased with her new home and new "mom".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delilah In Her New Home YAY!

Here's an update from Delilah's new "mom":

Delilah is doing quite well! She seems much more at home, and has a routine based around my work day. She spends her day on the 2nd floor, without the dogs but with my other cats - she seems to get along with them as she and one other have been together on my bed. I've carried her downstairs when the dogs are outside so she can look around. She's eating well and she purrs when I pet and talk to her. She's interested in her environment and what the other cats are doing in her new home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bebe Must Be Helping From Heaven

Bebe's cats had some major league lucky last week thanks to some amazing help from Lori, HT cat coordinator extraordinaire and owner of PetMAC DC (

Lori offered to do a special adoption event for Bebe's cats and then worked hard to make sure that practically everyone on this side of the Atlantic knew about it.

Amazingly, that Saturday, Delilah went home for a trial adoption with a wonderful woman named Janet and Nany went to a foster home with a lovely young couple named Annie and Markus.

Vixen met Lauren at the event and Vixen moved to Lauren's house last night to begin her trial adoption.

Gracie and Georgie are still with me, in my "spare" bathroom. They are as good as gold - quiet and grateful. Georgie greets me everytime I visit him and Gracie. He loves attention and pushs and rubs against me, urging me to stay and give him more pets. In fact, it is hard to get a good photo of him because he immediately rushes up to me for pets.

Shy, sweet Gracie is now allowing me to pet her. After giving her two much needed baths, I have not been - understandably - her favorite person in the world but she is slowly beginning to forgive me for these major transgressions. She is not above accepting bribes of kitty greenies and catnip.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Amazing Resiliency of Bebe's Cats

The kitties are installed in two small rooms in my home, awaiting their chance to meet fosters or adopters on Sunday at PetMAC in DC (

It can't be easy to weather the changes they have seen in the last few months since my mom passed away and the newest change, from their home of 12 years (their whole lives) to these small rooms with one hissing cat (mean old Alice) and one barking dog (Jacques doing his job "scaring" away the mailman) just a closed door away.

Regardless, sweet, shy Nany is already venturing out of her open kennel for ear rubs. I'd consider Nany (momma to all but Vixen) the shyest of the bunch and maybe the sweetest too as she rarely will hiss and never lashes out. Nany has lived nearly her whole life avoiding human contact - easy to do in my mom's home. But it's taken just one day for her to come around to the view that the human touch is not so bad. Yeah, those head rubs are pretty nice - I think I'll come out to get more of those.

After a day Delilah is reverting to her own sweet self, greeting me when I come into the room with a purr and gently rubbing against me for pets. Gracie is still unsure of what to make of her new surroundings but her little purr motor is starting up today. Georgie, who is so outgoing but still bearing a grudge against me for the grooming I gave him yesterday is still waivering between popping me one and getting his head pet. And good ol' Vixen, steady tabby girl is her ol' friendly, outgoing self. No doubt in her mind that all is well as long as there is someone to rub her head and feed her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come Meet Bebe's Cats This Sat 8/29 from 12pm-2pm

The chance you have been waiting for. After months of reading about the adventures of Bebe's cats, now is your opportunity to meet these darlings.

When: this Sat. Aug 29th from 12pm-2pm

Where: PetMAC DC - 4220 Fessenden St. NW Washington, DC (

Nany, Georgie, Gracie, Delilah and Vixen are looking forward to meeting you and hoping that you consider fostering or better yet, adopting one of them.

Each cat adopted will come with a $500 credit towards vet care and a $250 credit towards cat supplies at PetMAC. There is an adoption fee of $50, donated to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. For more information even after the event, please contact or call 703 749 7949

Bebe's Cats Say Good Bye To Their Home of 12 Years

Change is afoot for Bebe's 5 remaining cats. Remember that Henry found a great home in Arizona where he is thriving. He still has his moments where he does the Greta Garbo thing (I want to be alone!) but most of the time he is sweet, affectionate and on the prowl for some pets from his adopters. Thank you Kat for giving Henry such a great new home!

Ok, so what about the fabulous five felines? After hanging out at Bebe's house since March with only one visit a day from Stephanie for food and litter cleaning, the time came for Nany, Georgie, Delilah, Gracie and Vixen to move out. The cats are now temporarily dormed up in bathrooms at my house in northern VA. As all us cat lovers know, cats get very attached to their homes so this move is pretty big and understandably, they are not exactly dancing. But given all they've gone thru since Bebe passed away, they are doing remarkably well.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The search goes on

These sweeties are still looking for homes. I was up to NY to see them all recently and they are going well but a bit lonely. Now that the weather is nice they are all spending more time in the outdoor enclosure but they were happy to have company while I was there. Delilah, Georgie and Vixen were particularly eager for head rubs.

Please continue to ask neighbors and friends - we need to find these beautiful cats homes soon! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flyer with New Photos!

Please consider posting the new flyer for Bebe's cats at work, your vet, your local pet supply shop. THANK YOU!!!!
Please see additional photos on my facebook page:
and contact me if you'd like me to send you the flyer.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bebe's cats need your help: Henry Settles In To His New Home

Bebe's cats need your help: Henry Settles In To His New Home

Henry Settles In To His New Home

Henry has settled into his new home so well. One of the resident cats is hissing a little at Henry but that is to be expected and in a few weeks, will probably decide that Henry is not so bad after all.

Henry is loving the loving he is getting from Kat and has taken a real shining to Kat's husband. Kat says he is a real lovebug, gentle and sweet. Yay! We are so happy that he's found such a great home!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And Now We Are Five

Stopped in to visit Bebe's cats. What sweet loves - Delilah, Georgie and Vixen were all happy to have the extra company and eager for the extra pets.

Gracie gave me the cold shoulder, cold stares and a hiss or two at first but by day three Gracie was accepting pets - I mean, who doesn't like a nice head rub? Poor Nany - she was close to her son Henry and I bet she misses him.

These great cats are still in need of homes. They are so good looking and so sweet. Please continue to get the word out about them and help us find adopters.

Henry Is In His New Home!

More good news for Henry. The trip to the vet for his dental went well - he had a couple of teeth extracted and the rest look good. Now Henry has a nice clean set of pearly whites.

Henry went straight from the vet to his new home with Kat. He was still a bit groggy from his surgery. Henry was was greeted by one of Kat's other felines who walked right up to Henry's crate for a nose stiff. No hissing from either party which is always good! We have every expectation that Henry's move to Kat's home will be smooth. We are SO happy Henry has found such a great home with Kat!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Henry in Arizona - Photos!

Henry Flies The Friendly Skies!

Henry's journey to his new home in Phoenix began last night. After a stop at the vet's to get his health certificate, I got Bebe's house and crossed my fingers that Henry wouldn't hid from me - the poor guy is a bit shy with strangers and that's how he sees me. The gods were watching because, while Henry hardly walked up and shook hands, his evasive moves were not well polished. 10 minutes later I had him by the scruff and he was in a small bathroom chilling out. It is so funny that he will do his best to avoid me in a large space but in a small space, he is all lovey dovey - he'll let me pet him, pick him up, purring away.

Henry gave me no argument about getting into the crate. But unfortunately, the crate was too big to meet the airline's standard so Henry waited in the car in the too big crate while I dashed into Petco for a smaller crate. Then we were off to Lia's house on the other side of the Hudson. Lia, our saint, had planned a trip to Phoenix and had generiously offered to take Henry on the plane with her. From our emails, phone converations and meeting, yesterday, I knew Henry would be in the best possible hands. Lia left Newark, NJ around 6 am and by noon, Lia and Henry were in Phoenix. Yay!

Susan met Lia at the airport in Phoenix and there was Henry in his crate, now a transcontinental traveler and no worse for the wear. The plane was late and Susan learned from Lia that Henry was to blame - during the last security check the airport personel insisted that Lia take Henry out of the crate and Lia, who was not taking any chances on losing a cat at the airport absolutely refused. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Lia will have to tell us later how this stand off was resolved. Inquiring minds want to know.

Upon arriving at Susan's house, Henry was escorted to another tastefully appointed (litter box, water, yummy food and comfy cat bed) bathroom. We figure our traveler must have been hungry and thirsty after his long flight. But first things first - before Henry settled in for a good feed, he delivered a few gentle head butts and requests for pets while purring away.

Next up for Henry - a trip to the vet for a dental and then he goes to his new home with K.

Sue, how about sending us some new photos of Henry in sunny Phoenix?

Our fingers are crossed that the other 5 cats - Nany, Georgie, Gracie, Delilah and Vixen have luck as good as Henry's and find homes soon. We are grateful to all our friends who continue to work to get the word out about these beautiful and sweet cats.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Logistics for Henry's trip

The airline says Henry needs a health certificate for his flight to Phoenix. The vet says, no problem. I can pick it up any time. So excited that Henry will be airborne soon and on his way to a new, wonderful life in a new wonderful home.

Fingers crossed that Delilah, Gracie, Nany, Georgie and Vixen get so lucky soon. Thanks to all of you who are doing what you can to spread the word and make this happen.

Monday, April 6, 2009

One Down, Five To Go

Henry has a home and will move to his new home in Phoenix in the beginning of May. Delilah, Gracie, Georgie, Nany and Vixen are still looking. Vixen was this close to a home but no dice. Please continue to help spread the word on these sweet cats. Please sign up as followers on the blog - this will help the blog show up on more searchs. THANKS!