Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gracie Getting Bolder!

Yesterday was a milestone for Gracie. At first, every time I entered the bathroom, Gracie moved behind the toilet out of reach. A few days ago, she stayed put when I entered the bathroom for a few minutes but then moved to her "safe" spot and I had to coax her to me with greenies (treats) before she let me pet her.

Yesterday tho, Gracie did not slink away. Instead she stayed put and allowed me to pet her for several minutes. Now when I enter, sometimes she lets me pet her, sometimes she slinks away. But I expect that in a week or so more, she'll be letting me pet her more and more and slinking away less and less. She definitely enjoys getting head and butt rubs and she's slowly starting to believe that I'm more likely to give these to her than to do some nasty thing like put her in the crate or give her a bath! LOL!

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