Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Amazing Resiliency of Bebe's Cats

The kitties are installed in two small rooms in my home, awaiting their chance to meet fosters or adopters on Sunday at PetMAC in DC (

It can't be easy to weather the changes they have seen in the last few months since my mom passed away and the newest change, from their home of 12 years (their whole lives) to these small rooms with one hissing cat (mean old Alice) and one barking dog (Jacques doing his job "scaring" away the mailman) just a closed door away.

Regardless, sweet, shy Nany is already venturing out of her open kennel for ear rubs. I'd consider Nany (momma to all but Vixen) the shyest of the bunch and maybe the sweetest too as she rarely will hiss and never lashes out. Nany has lived nearly her whole life avoiding human contact - easy to do in my mom's home. But it's taken just one day for her to come around to the view that the human touch is not so bad. Yeah, those head rubs are pretty nice - I think I'll come out to get more of those.

After a day Delilah is reverting to her own sweet self, greeting me when I come into the room with a purr and gently rubbing against me for pets. Gracie is still unsure of what to make of her new surroundings but her little purr motor is starting up today. Georgie, who is so outgoing but still bearing a grudge against me for the grooming I gave him yesterday is still waivering between popping me one and getting his head pet. And good ol' Vixen, steady tabby girl is her ol' friendly, outgoing self. No doubt in her mind that all is well as long as there is someone to rub her head and feed her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come Meet Bebe's Cats This Sat 8/29 from 12pm-2pm

The chance you have been waiting for. After months of reading about the adventures of Bebe's cats, now is your opportunity to meet these darlings.

When: this Sat. Aug 29th from 12pm-2pm

Where: PetMAC DC - 4220 Fessenden St. NW Washington, DC (

Nany, Georgie, Gracie, Delilah and Vixen are looking forward to meeting you and hoping that you consider fostering or better yet, adopting one of them.

Each cat adopted will come with a $500 credit towards vet care and a $250 credit towards cat supplies at PetMAC. There is an adoption fee of $50, donated to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. For more information even after the event, please contact or call 703 749 7949

Bebe's Cats Say Good Bye To Their Home of 12 Years

Change is afoot for Bebe's 5 remaining cats. Remember that Henry found a great home in Arizona where he is thriving. He still has his moments where he does the Greta Garbo thing (I want to be alone!) but most of the time he is sweet, affectionate and on the prowl for some pets from his adopters. Thank you Kat for giving Henry such a great new home!

Ok, so what about the fabulous five felines? After hanging out at Bebe's house since March with only one visit a day from Stephanie for food and litter cleaning, the time came for Nany, Georgie, Delilah, Gracie and Vixen to move out. The cats are now temporarily dormed up in bathrooms at my house in northern VA. As all us cat lovers know, cats get very attached to their homes so this move is pretty big and understandably, they are not exactly dancing. But given all they've gone thru since Bebe passed away, they are doing remarkably well.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The search goes on

These sweeties are still looking for homes. I was up to NY to see them all recently and they are going well but a bit lonely. Now that the weather is nice they are all spending more time in the outdoor enclosure but they were happy to have company while I was there. Delilah, Georgie and Vixen were particularly eager for head rubs.

Please continue to ask neighbors and friends - we need to find these beautiful cats homes soon! THANK YOU!