Friday, September 25, 2009

COME MEET GEORGIE MON 9/28, 6-8pm in DC!


When: September 28 from 6pm – 8pm

Where: at PetMAC Laundromutt, 1722 Florida Ave NW Washington, DC 20009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gracie Getting Bolder!

Yesterday was a milestone for Gracie. At first, every time I entered the bathroom, Gracie moved behind the toilet out of reach. A few days ago, she stayed put when I entered the bathroom for a few minutes but then moved to her "safe" spot and I had to coax her to me with greenies (treats) before she let me pet her.

Yesterday tho, Gracie did not slink away. Instead she stayed put and allowed me to pet her for several minutes. Now when I enter, sometimes she lets me pet her, sometimes she slinks away. But I expect that in a week or so more, she'll be letting me pet her more and more and slinking away less and less. She definitely enjoys getting head and butt rubs and she's slowly starting to believe that I'm more likely to give these to her than to do some nasty thing like put her in the crate or give her a bath! LOL!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Georgie and Gracie Await A Change of Venue

Gracie and Georgie are still hoping to find a foster home or a permanent home. Both are living in my small bathroom for now as we search, which is only a short term option.

Georgie: Is it my imagination or does Georgie seem more relaxed now that Vixen has found a home with Lauren? Georgie has always been an outgoing cat. He's alway been eager to greet people and always interested in rubbing himself against you and requesting pets. In fact, if pets are not forthcoming, he's been willing to be direct in filling you in with what he wants by gently nudging your hand with a paw - ey, come on, pet me - can't you see that I need some pets?"

But he also sometimes gets overstimulated and when he does, he gives you an evil eye and then you know that a swat might be coming. Or if you groom him where he doesn't like it, he is sure to let you know that you've annoyed him with a swat.

But since Vixen has gone, he seems to be more tolerant of me. I'm getting less evil eyes and hardly a swat since Vixen has gone. hummm.... I've always liked Georgie - he has such a big personality and is generally good tempered. I like him even more now that he seems happier and more relaxed.

Gracie: She is making good progress. Perhaps she's finally forgiven me for dragging her into the cat carrier to strange places and bathing her not once but twice. She rarely hisses at me now and the last two days, she's been purring and rubbing away as I pet her. Today, for the first time, she came to me for pets. She changed her mind after a few minutes but I am still so impressed by how much more social she has become in just a couple of weeks. She is so sweet and now that she's getting over her shyness with me, her lovely personality is coming out.

Please consider fostering or adopting Georgie or Gracie. They can go to a home together or separately.

Update on Nany - in her foster home

Nany is a beautiful grey long hair and mom to Gracie, Delilah, Henry and Georgie. She is very sweet cat but very shy. Nany went to live in her foster home with Annie and Markus about two weeks ago. We are hoping that Nany will become more confident and trusting of people and she seems to be making slow but sure progress.

For the first few days, Annie only knew that their was a cat in herbathroom because the food was eaten and the litter used. Then, Nany would stay out for a few minutes before ducking under the cabinet. Now, she stills feels most comfortable under the cabinet but she is allowing Annie and Markus to pet her and she is purring when they do. She also is beginning to venture out into the rest of the apartment a few feet to explore.

Nany is hoping to find a permanent home soon. She really has so much potential - she is one of the most docile, sweetest cats around. She just needs someone with a little patience and TLC.

And Then There Were Three

Now Delilah, Vixen and Henry have found new homes. We are so grateful to Kat, Janet and Lauren who have adopted these sweet cats and to Lori of PetMAC DC ( who has worked so hard to help Bebe's cats find foster and adoptive homes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vixen Settles In

Vixen seems to be settling into her new home quite nicely. She went to live with Lauren on Tues and spent her first day in the bathroom, getting used to her new digs. She was a little tentative about the move and about Lauren tho she has a hard time resisting a nice pet, especially from someone also offering yummy feline greenies.

The second day, Vixen got to explore the bedroom and it hasn't taken Vixen long to decide that the best place to nap at night is with Lauren at the foot of the bed.

Day 3 and Vixen now has full range of the apartment. How does Vixen feel about a home with NO OTHER CATS? She seems to think it is just fine - more food and most important, more pets for her. Vixen was never big on sharing. She enjoys spending a cozy evening watching TV, lounging on Lauren's lap and luxuriating in the pets. Vixen seems quite pleased with her new home and new "mom".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delilah In Her New Home YAY!

Here's an update from Delilah's new "mom":

Delilah is doing quite well! She seems much more at home, and has a routine based around my work day. She spends her day on the 2nd floor, without the dogs but with my other cats - she seems to get along with them as she and one other have been together on my bed. I've carried her downstairs when the dogs are outside so she can look around. She's eating well and she purrs when I pet and talk to her. She's interested in her environment and what the other cats are doing in her new home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bebe Must Be Helping From Heaven

Bebe's cats had some major league lucky last week thanks to some amazing help from Lori, HT cat coordinator extraordinaire and owner of PetMAC DC (

Lori offered to do a special adoption event for Bebe's cats and then worked hard to make sure that practically everyone on this side of the Atlantic knew about it.

Amazingly, that Saturday, Delilah went home for a trial adoption with a wonderful woman named Janet and Nany went to a foster home with a lovely young couple named Annie and Markus.

Vixen met Lauren at the event and Vixen moved to Lauren's house last night to begin her trial adoption.

Gracie and Georgie are still with me, in my "spare" bathroom. They are as good as gold - quiet and grateful. Georgie greets me everytime I visit him and Gracie. He loves attention and pushs and rubs against me, urging me to stay and give him more pets. In fact, it is hard to get a good photo of him because he immediately rushes up to me for pets.

Shy, sweet Gracie is now allowing me to pet her. After giving her two much needed baths, I have not been - understandably - her favorite person in the world but she is slowly beginning to forgive me for these major transgressions. She is not above accepting bribes of kitty greenies and catnip.