Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vixen Settles In

Vixen seems to be settling into her new home quite nicely. She went to live with Lauren on Tues and spent her first day in the bathroom, getting used to her new digs. She was a little tentative about the move and about Lauren tho she has a hard time resisting a nice pet, especially from someone also offering yummy feline greenies.

The second day, Vixen got to explore the bedroom and it hasn't taken Vixen long to decide that the best place to nap at night is with Lauren at the foot of the bed.

Day 3 and Vixen now has full range of the apartment. How does Vixen feel about a home with NO OTHER CATS? She seems to think it is just fine - more food and most important, more pets for her. Vixen was never big on sharing. She enjoys spending a cozy evening watching TV, lounging on Lauren's lap and luxuriating in the pets. Vixen seems quite pleased with her new home and new "mom".

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