Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on Nany - in her foster home

Nany is a beautiful grey long hair and mom to Gracie, Delilah, Henry and Georgie. She is very sweet cat but very shy. Nany went to live in her foster home with Annie and Markus about two weeks ago. We are hoping that Nany will become more confident and trusting of people and she seems to be making slow but sure progress.

For the first few days, Annie only knew that their was a cat in herbathroom because the food was eaten and the litter used. Then, Nany would stay out for a few minutes before ducking under the cabinet. Now, she stills feels most comfortable under the cabinet but she is allowing Annie and Markus to pet her and she is purring when they do. She also is beginning to venture out into the rest of the apartment a few feet to explore.

Nany is hoping to find a permanent home soon. She really has so much potential - she is one of the most docile, sweetest cats around. She just needs someone with a little patience and TLC.

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