Monday, September 14, 2009

Georgie and Gracie Await A Change of Venue

Gracie and Georgie are still hoping to find a foster home or a permanent home. Both are living in my small bathroom for now as we search, which is only a short term option.

Georgie: Is it my imagination or does Georgie seem more relaxed now that Vixen has found a home with Lauren? Georgie has always been an outgoing cat. He's alway been eager to greet people and always interested in rubbing himself against you and requesting pets. In fact, if pets are not forthcoming, he's been willing to be direct in filling you in with what he wants by gently nudging your hand with a paw - ey, come on, pet me - can't you see that I need some pets?"

But he also sometimes gets overstimulated and when he does, he gives you an evil eye and then you know that a swat might be coming. Or if you groom him where he doesn't like it, he is sure to let you know that you've annoyed him with a swat.

But since Vixen has gone, he seems to be more tolerant of me. I'm getting less evil eyes and hardly a swat since Vixen has gone. hummm.... I've always liked Georgie - he has such a big personality and is generally good tempered. I like him even more now that he seems happier and more relaxed.

Gracie: She is making good progress. Perhaps she's finally forgiven me for dragging her into the cat carrier to strange places and bathing her not once but twice. She rarely hisses at me now and the last two days, she's been purring and rubbing away as I pet her. Today, for the first time, she came to me for pets. She changed her mind after a few minutes but I am still so impressed by how much more social she has become in just a couple of weeks. She is so sweet and now that she's getting over her shyness with me, her lovely personality is coming out.

Please consider fostering or adopting Georgie or Gracie. They can go to a home together or separately.

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