Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bebe Must Be Helping From Heaven

Bebe's cats had some major league lucky last week thanks to some amazing help from Lori, HT cat coordinator extraordinaire and owner of PetMAC DC (http://www.petmac.org/)

Lori offered to do a special adoption event for Bebe's cats and then worked hard to make sure that practically everyone on this side of the Atlantic knew about it.

Amazingly, that Saturday, Delilah went home for a trial adoption with a wonderful woman named Janet and Nany went to a foster home with a lovely young couple named Annie and Markus.

Vixen met Lauren at the event and Vixen moved to Lauren's house last night to begin her trial adoption.

Gracie and Georgie are still with me, in my "spare" bathroom. They are as good as gold - quiet and grateful. Georgie greets me everytime I visit him and Gracie. He loves attention and pushs and rubs against me, urging me to stay and give him more pets. In fact, it is hard to get a good photo of him because he immediately rushes up to me for pets.

Shy, sweet Gracie is now allowing me to pet her. After giving her two much needed baths, I have not been - understandably - her favorite person in the world but she is slowly beginning to forgive me for these major transgressions. She is not above accepting bribes of kitty greenies and catnip.

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