Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bebe's Cats Say Good Bye To Their Home of 12 Years

Change is afoot for Bebe's 5 remaining cats. Remember that Henry found a great home in Arizona where he is thriving. He still has his moments where he does the Greta Garbo thing (I want to be alone!) but most of the time he is sweet, affectionate and on the prowl for some pets from his adopters. Thank you Kat for giving Henry such a great new home!

Ok, so what about the fabulous five felines? After hanging out at Bebe's house since March with only one visit a day from Stephanie for food and litter cleaning, the time came for Nany, Georgie, Delilah, Gracie and Vixen to move out. The cats are now temporarily dormed up in bathrooms at my house in northern VA. As all us cat lovers know, cats get very attached to their homes so this move is pretty big and understandably, they are not exactly dancing. But given all they've gone thru since Bebe passed away, they are doing remarkably well.

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