Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gracie Loves Her Pets!

Gracie is no longer slinking away when I enter her room. Occasionally, she still hisses at me but a second later, she's lowered her head, her signal to me that she's looking for some pets on the head.

She isn't rubbing her body against me like her brother, the outgoing Georgie does. But she will walk back and forth in front of me, rubbing against the edge of the cabinet, purring and inviting me to pet her.

She and Georgie love feline greenie treats and I had been using these to lure her out but now she'll come for pets even when I don't have greenies to dispense.

I"m so impressed with how bold and more social she has become with really not too much effort on my part.

She has such a pretty face and such a soft, happy look while I pet her head, which she loves!

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