Saturday, May 2, 2009

Henry Flies The Friendly Skies!

Henry's journey to his new home in Phoenix began last night. After a stop at the vet's to get his health certificate, I got Bebe's house and crossed my fingers that Henry wouldn't hid from me - the poor guy is a bit shy with strangers and that's how he sees me. The gods were watching because, while Henry hardly walked up and shook hands, his evasive moves were not well polished. 10 minutes later I had him by the scruff and he was in a small bathroom chilling out. It is so funny that he will do his best to avoid me in a large space but in a small space, he is all lovey dovey - he'll let me pet him, pick him up, purring away.

Henry gave me no argument about getting into the crate. But unfortunately, the crate was too big to meet the airline's standard so Henry waited in the car in the too big crate while I dashed into Petco for a smaller crate. Then we were off to Lia's house on the other side of the Hudson. Lia, our saint, had planned a trip to Phoenix and had generiously offered to take Henry on the plane with her. From our emails, phone converations and meeting, yesterday, I knew Henry would be in the best possible hands. Lia left Newark, NJ around 6 am and by noon, Lia and Henry were in Phoenix. Yay!

Susan met Lia at the airport in Phoenix and there was Henry in his crate, now a transcontinental traveler and no worse for the wear. The plane was late and Susan learned from Lia that Henry was to blame - during the last security check the airport personel insisted that Lia take Henry out of the crate and Lia, who was not taking any chances on losing a cat at the airport absolutely refused. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Lia will have to tell us later how this stand off was resolved. Inquiring minds want to know.

Upon arriving at Susan's house, Henry was escorted to another tastefully appointed (litter box, water, yummy food and comfy cat bed) bathroom. We figure our traveler must have been hungry and thirsty after his long flight. But first things first - before Henry settled in for a good feed, he delivered a few gentle head butts and requests for pets while purring away.

Next up for Henry - a trip to the vet for a dental and then he goes to his new home with K.

Sue, how about sending us some new photos of Henry in sunny Phoenix?

Our fingers are crossed that the other 5 cats - Nany, Georgie, Gracie, Delilah and Vixen have luck as good as Henry's and find homes soon. We are grateful to all our friends who continue to work to get the word out about these beautiful and sweet cats.


Susan AZ said...

Well, Henry made it here and is settling into our bathroom quite nicely...if only he knew my 5 cats are on the other side of the door womdering why he has the yummy wet food and all they get is dry...Henry spent the first hour eating dry food, coming to me to get combed, eating wet food, coming to me to get combed some more...good work if you can get it! I will see if I can figur out how to get some photos onto the blog...He is a bit camera shy but I did manage to get a couple!

Laura said...

Congratulations Henry on making the trip. Good luck in your new forever home!