Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OMG! Gracie has a new home!

I wanted to let all of Gracie's friends know that it seems like she's finally found her forever home. A week ago Tues, Gracie left her home in my very small bathroom to live with an adopter named Jennifer in a townhouse in Northern Virginia.

Right now Gracie is spending her days in a very nice, finished basement - her very own suite. The basement is walk out level so Gracie can see all the goings on outside (birds, etc). There's a small secure fenced patio with on way for a cat like Gracie to escape so one day, Gracie might even get to spend sometime outside.

Unlike my noise house (two barking large dogs and hissing cats), Gracie's new home is quiet - she is the only furry resident. A nice calm environment for her.

I really, truly doubted that this day would ever arrive for the very sweet but exceedingly shy, senior, diabetic girl. Words can't describe how thrilled I am that someone else saw how special Gracie is and was willing to commit to loving and caring for her. Right now, Jennifer is fostering her but I expect that in a week or two, Jennifer will finalize her adoption.

A huge thank you to everyone at Homeward Trails, especially Lori and Sue and also Leigh and Rebecca.   And a very big thank you to all of the kitty city volunteers who cared for Gracie while she was at Kitty City. And also thank you to all of Gracie's friends who have taken an interest in her story and sent good thoughts and prayers her way.

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