Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on Gracie, Queen of Sheba

Hello all,

This is Jen, Gracie’s adoptive mother...she is doing very well, after a touchy start. She was pretty skittish, and can still be sometimes, but she's much more tolerant of me than she used to be! Her main domain is the basement, she has a patio view of the outside world, which she appears to love. I even heard her hissing at the squirrels and birds the other day! I swear she wanted to go out there and get one! I’ve carried up stairs to the living room several times, and she hangs out for a little while then she goes back downstairs to where I think she feels pretty safe. But the last week, I’ve actually found her in the living room on her own! So I thin she’s getting much more relaxed and is checking out how big her new kingdom actually is…Ha!

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