Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amazing Grace

Gracie is thriving. She recently visited the vet for her annual check up and rabies vaccine. According to the Dr., she is doing GREAT! He was so impressed at how great she looks and how well she is doing on insulin. She is still doing really well on a very small dose of insulin just once a day.

As important, everyday she seems to look forward to her pets with more enthusiasm. Gracie has become a first class purrer. She absolutely adores having her head rubbed and thinks a scratch on the side of her face and neck is particularly nice.

Some days she greets me with a hiss but that's just meaningless trash talk because as soon as I bend down to pet her, she is all purrs. I can pick her up and hold her like a baby without a complaint from her and she'll sit on my lap for ever as long as the pets keep coming.

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John said...

Its awesome what you are trying to do. I wish I could save more animals (or had room to put them)