Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everyone goes to the vet

Georgie, Henry and Delilah went to the vet on Tues. Yay! all three cats got examined by the wonderful Dr Saunders at The Cat Clinic of Nyack, got current on their vaccines and had full blood work done. The good news is that Henry and Deliliah are in good health. Georgie, however is starting to see a decline in his renal (kidney) functions. Georgie will go on a cat food designed for cats with declining renal functions and he can look forward to several more golden years. Georgie, Henry and Deliliah were all brave little kitties at the vet and behaved well.

Today, Nancy, Gracie and Vixen had their vet visits. Now all 6 cats have
had their health exams and are now up to date on vaccines. Gracie had a much needed shave as she was horribly matted - she is now sporting a lion cut and without a doubt feels much better. I expected that she was going to have to be tranquillized for the shave but that didn't happen. Rather, Gracie was a real trouper and let Roseanne and Marsha shave her without hardly a fuss. Thanks, Roseanne and Marsha! Nany, Gracie and Vixen had blood work done and the results should be back Friday or Saturday. Fingers crossed for a good report!

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Susan AZ said...

Thanks so much Lois! That is great news...Did you get Gracie this morning? I am sure she is so happy to be cleaned up. Give them all lots of love for me!