Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Death In The Family - Bebe's Cats Need Your Help

On March 10 my mom, Bebe passed away. Bebe bravely fought cancer 4 times over the past 15 years with help of her amazing doctor, all the while maintaining her well known sense of humor. My mom was a woman ahead of her time. She was a proud entrepreneur, owning and operating a fabric shop for 40+ years. She had a lifetime love of dance, music and ice skating. She also loved to travel.

Bebe loved animals, rescuing many in her lifetime. At the time of her death, Bebe was "mom" and caretaker for six senior but healthy cats. For a variety of reasons - including allergies and very full houses of our own rescued animals -neither I or my siblings are able to adopt my mom's cats. With great hope, we are reaching out to you - friends of our mom who loved her and those who never met her but are moved by the plight of her cats. We are hoping that perhaps you know someone who might be interested in adopting one or more of these gorgeous sweeties and if not, that you will pass this blog on to your friends in the hope that they might. Please help us find homes for our mom's beloved cats.


NANY is the momma of Georgie, Henry, Deliliah and Gracie. Like Georgie, she is a long haired solid grey cat. She is even more handsome then her Georgie, which is saying something. She has a beautiful full mane. She is not one to seek out people and is timid with stangers but she allows humans to handle her without a big fuss and she has recently discovered that she REALLY likes a rump rub. Nany gets along with other cats. She is just a little over 12 years.

GEORGIE is a handsome, sweet and affectionate solid grey long haired cat. He LOVES to have get head rubs and will push into your hand to get more. If you stop before he is ready, he might let you know he wants more pets by poking your hand with his paw. Georgie gets along with other cats. He is 12 yrs old.

HENRY is Georgie's more shy brother. He is slightly bigger than Georgie with a beautiful medium length coat. He is solid grey, like Georgie, except for the smallest little tuft of white hair on his belly. HBolde is 12 yrs old and gets along with other cats. Henry is very timid and not one to seek out people. Amazingly, he is a gentle fellow when handled and finds that he enjoys the attention, purring away when he is pet and combed.

DELILAH is a very pretty long haired dilute tortie. She is a tad shy with new people but warms up with a little time. She loves to be pet and loves head rubs. She gets along with other cats. She is 12 years old.

GRACIE is Delilah's sister and just as pretty and sweet tho a little more shy. She is horribly matted but on Thurs she will see wonderful Dr. Saunders at The Cat Clinic of Nyack for her vaccines and a well needed shave. It takes a little while to gain Gracie's confidence but when you do, she rewards you with a purr - she enjoys a gentle pet. Gracie gets along with other cats. She is 12 years old.

VIXEN is a very sweet silver tabby. She is the "odd man out" in that she is not related to Nany and her offspring and she is the only short haired cat in this group. She is also the most outgoing - she loves pets and it doesn't take any effort to get her purring away - she will happily curl up besides you on a sofa or bed for hours. She gets along fine with other cats but she would be just as happy as an only cat. I am not sure how old Vixen is. She may be as young as 9 yrs or as old as 12.


Laura said...

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in finding homes for your Mom's cats. I felt like I was reading my own story. My parents both passed away within 7 months of each other. Mom was passionate about animals, and we had 3 cats to place. Unfortunately, we were not lucky in finding homes, so they came to live with me (she had a dog too that I now own) (and added to my already 3 cat family). You might want to start Catster pages for the ones still needing a home.


It is a wonderful community of cat lovers (think Myspace or Facebook for cats). There is a forum area and one of the forums is for adoptions. When you set up their pages, you can indicate they are available for adoption. It will give you additional exposure.

Good luck!

LauraG said...

Just wanted to wish you luck in placing your moms fur-babies. Nanys photo caught my attention - she looks like my beloved C.C. who lived to be 20! I wish I had room in my home to take another one in but I'm at my limit with the condo association.

Lois said...

Bebe's cats are now on Catster. Please visit them there and help spread the word about them needing homes. THANKS!