Friday, April 3, 2009

Henry to take to the Sky!

Thanks to Lia, Henry will be making his way to Phoenix in early May. Lia is heading out that way and is kind enough to take Henry on board with her. SUPER YAY! Finding Henry a great home with Kat and her husband in Phoenix is a little bit of a miracle. THANK YOU LIA, THANK YOU KAT!

5 more cats and 5 more miracles to go!

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Kathy Hart said...

I am so glad that Henry found his way to Phoenix - and I am glad that I was able to play a small role via my connections so Henry could have a new lease on life and a new home.

Susan - I have been meaning to email you and I just found your Cat blog here. I am glad that Lia was able to bring Henry out there - it certainly was a miracle from above!

I have been so busy taking care of my own babies - my dog Toby also had his own miracle of life this year too. For that, I am more thankful than anything I could ever have asked for in life. His recovery has been long but he is able to live a good life again thanks to all of the Vets at VCA Shoreline. I will be forever indebted to them - literally and figuratively speaking!!

Namaste :)

-Kathy Hart